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Schemers, Blasphemers, Wet-Dreamers, and Ring-Tailed Lemurs
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23rd-Aug-2020 04:20 pm - Fic Index

Done. Fuckin' a, I need a life.

Hetalia Fic Index. My God, where did all this crap come from?Collapse )

My homestuck fic (and a few assorted other canons) can be found here and here.
sadiq bird- sonowakaremichi
11th-Apr-2012 10:54 pm - SPAM POST

Hello new friend people! And old friend people, and anyone happening by. This is my spam post! Say anything.
sadiq bird- sonowakaremichi
So yeah I read something about the idea of always-a-girl Captain Lawrence and THIS THING SPILLED OUT. Written in one burst and barely edited, as I swore I would never do this sacrilegious thing.

Moments from the Early Captaincy of Wilhemina Lawrence.Collapse )
sadiq bird- sonowakaremichi
22nd-Dec-2010 08:19 pm(no subject)
Title: Favors
Rating: NC17
Characters: Monaco/France
Summary: In which France gets used for sex and is not entirely pleased. No, really. No, really.
Warnings: Breathplay, pointlessness. Man I feel kind of bad writing PWP for personified countries, but what're you gonna do.

Monaco’s house was empty. Not in the usual way, in which lavish excess was inevitably followed by minimalism and the single crooked table was handcarved by Nepalese virgins...Collapse )
sadiq bird- sonowakaremichi
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